Saturday, October 08, 2005

Kanchi Kudil

A traditional house in kanchipuram, it has architecture of times, spread out courtyards, a food court, traditional crafts to see and buy, soft string instruments in the backdrop…One of the most popular historical tourist places in Kanchipuram, Kanchi Kudil was born of a desire to turn ancestral property into a place of tourist interest. Once here, tourists may get a feel of the life as lived in a historic place as Kanchipuram. While temples and monuments index the cultural life of a city, the real soul of a place is to be found in its people and their homes. Revisit a world of old-fashioned hospitality.

The House
This is a 90-year-old house, authentic in old-style architecture and functionality. It affords a glimpse of the life of an agricultural family in a small town - the master's room, room for the women and children, room for the gods, open-to-sky courtyards, verandahs, the backyard with agricultural implements. Added features are descriptions on the history of Kanchipuram and its temples, traditional music as backdrop and a stock of exquisite handicrafts for the tourist to buy.

Kanchi Kudil charges a small entrance fee of Rs.20 (US$ 0.5) to the tourist. It is conveniently located on the road leading to the Kailasanather Temple.

Kanchi Kudil is located at: 53A, Sangeetha Vidwan Nainar Pillai Street(Old Putheri Street) Kanchipuram TamilnaduPhone: +91 4112 27680

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Here are some of the photos from the magnificent ruins of Hampi the seat of the Vijayanagara Empire. These photos don't do justice to the place since Hampi is a place "to be experienced" and not to be just seen. I reached Hampi early in the morning and when I went into the ruins, I was transferred into a kingdom in the past. Your imagination just runs amok looking at these ruins and wondering what a splendor Hampi would have been at its peak. The stories and legends about the wealth of Hampi add to the aura. Photos of Hampi.

The Shiva temple at Hampi The Lotus Temple at Hampi The Shiva lingam at hampi

Find above the Hampi photo gallery, photos that were taken by me during my visit to Hampi. More Hampi Phots here.